Mission Statement

Our society is increasingly dependent on computing machines that have permeated virtually most aspects of our lives. These ubiquitous computing systems run our clouds, servers, personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones as well as medical devices, Mars Rovers, smart grids, modern transportations, drones, and several emerging or yet unanticipated applications. The Internet-of-Things (IoT) further spreads the reach of traditional networks of computing machines to tiny devices that are embedded within the physical world objects. Despite our increasing reliance on computing machines, they remain resource-constrained, inefficiently used, and prone to security breaches as well as malicious attacks.
The Adaptive Computing and Embedded Systems (ACES) Lab is focused on building more intelligent embedded computer systems, those that are able to ensure low-overhead security and trust, reduce energy usage, and/or improve performance within the physical resource constraints. Our work creates novel hardware constructs, algorithms, automated tools, and security primitives/protocols that pave the way for the next generation efficient and secure embedded computing.
A distinguishing characteristic of our research is bridging the divide between the theory and implementation. One the one hand, we use the theoretical methods from various disciplines such as statistics, optimization, and cryptography to address complex hardware engineering problems.  On the other hand, we utilize practical computer engineering and design automation techniques to address sophisticated problems in security, data mining, and emerging technologies. Simultaneous with development of models and theory, we realize and deploy the results in practice whenever possible. In such as way, we obtain a proof-of-concept from our realization, which often propose novel methodologies and newer research directions. We also have a number collaborative projects with experts in relevant fields (e.g., security, data mining, computer architecture).
We currently have several openings for undergraduate/graduate students, visiting students, researchers, and for academic or industrial collaborations. Please check our open positions and information on how to get involved.


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