Mission statement

The Adaptive Computing and Embedded Systems (ACES) Lab is focused on devising new methodologies and novel architectures for embedded microelectronics and systems. Microelectronic devices constitute the core technology for personal computing and communications, business, industry, government, and defense in the modern world. They have to be continually redesigned and adjusted to address the performance requirements of the present and emerging technologies, the mutating adversarial attack capabilities and forms, and the evolving requirements of the growing distributed embedded computing which include the Cyber-Physical Systems and interconnection of objects within the “Internet of things”. With the increasing trend of interweaving the seamless portable devices into our lives, the key design metrics of low power and security have become even more paramount than before.
Our key research objectives include hardware and content protection, security, robustness, and low power for a range of current and emerging technologies. We explore novel methodologies, structures, algorithms, and optimization techniques that help to enable designing robust and adaptive embedded systems that are tailored to various objectives (such as security and low power), design protection, portable and computing efficiency/security, and to new technologies and applications.
A unique aspect of the research in ACES lab is bridging the gap between the theory and realization of new methods and technologies. We use, adapt, and improve the theoretical methods from the fields of Statistics and Optimization to address pragmatic engineering problems based on realistic assumptions and models. Simultaneous with development of models and theory, we realize and deploy the results in practice whenever possible. In such as way, we obtain a proof-of-concept from our realization, which often propose novel methodologies and newer research directions. We also have a number collaborative projects with experts in relevant fields (e.g., computer architecture, bio-medical and security).
We currently have several openings for undergraduate/graduate students, visiting students, researchers, post-docs, and for academic or industrial collaborations. Please check our open positions and information on how to get involved.


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