Open Positions at ACES Lab

Please join us as an undergraduate student, as a graduate student (check the UCSD ECE graduate application website for applying), a visiting graduate student, a post-doctoral associate or as an academic or industrial collaborator. Please check the enclosed information and guidelines to applying before sending an email.

  • UCSD undergraduate students

The ACES group is always looking for talented students for summer and academic year project. Send an email to Professor Koushanfar to get an appointment for personal meeting and to discuss the project.

  • Prospective graduate students

Applicants to the UCSD ECE graduate program should note that graduate admission and financial aid decisions are handled by the UCSD ECE Department Admissions Committee and not by individual faculty.  ECE faculty members generally receive many more inquiries regarding graduate position openings than they can answer promptly, so instead please see the UCSD ECE Admission Information page for further information.

  • UCSD graduate students

If you are already admitted to UCSD ECE, and you are interested in the research being conducted in the ACES group we always welcome your interest. Send an email to Professor Koushanfar to get an appointment for personal meeting and to discuss your interest, either to join as a group member, or to collaborate on a research project.

  • Visiting graduate students

If you are working in an area close to the research conducted at ACES Lab, and you are interested in a visiting student position, we have a couple of positions available. Interested applicants should submit their resume and cover letters to Professor Koushanfar, with the subject line “Visiting graduate student position”. Emails that do not have a proper subject line may not be properly directed, so please pay attention.

  • Postdoctoral research associates

We are not currently recruiting post doctoral research associates.

  • Visiting faculty scholars or academic/industrial collaborators

If you are a tenure-track faculty at another university and you are interested to join us as a visiting faculty or for a sabbatical, or if you have other academic/industrial positions and you are interested in collaborating with the ACES Lab, please send an email to Prof. Koushanfar.
UCSD is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.


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